Religious Discrimination In Employment: Know The Law

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees from being discriminated against or harassed because of their religious beliefs. Title VII of the act specifically prohibits employers from treating an employee unfairly due to their religious beliefs or their lack of religious belief. Every employee should familiarize themselves with employment discrimination law in case they need to safeguard their religious rights at some point. The following article offers a brief guide to religious discrimination in the workplace.

4 Solutions You Can Get From An Employment Attorney

There are a lot of options that you can avail in order to protect your rights as an employee. Here are some of the most common solutions that you can get from an employment attorney. 1. File a Complaint with the Government Agency If you feel like you are being discriminated against at work or that your employer is violating any labor laws, you can file a complaint with the government agency responsible for handling these issues.

Employment Lawyers: 3 Reasons They Are Your Best Friend As An Employee

Looking for a job is sometimes a daunting task, but it also comes with a lot of excitement when you get your dream job.  However, one of the vital things you should do before you sign the employment contract is ensuring you read its terms and conditions. And since you may not understand all the employment terms on your own, it’s advisable to get an employment lawyer to help you understand them before you sign the contract.

Questions You May Have Before Filing A Sexual Harassment Case

If you have been sexually harassed at work, then you absolutely have the right to file a case against your employer. However, as this can be a very sensitive topic, you probably have a few questions you’d like answered before you march into the lawyer’s office and sign a contract. Here are the answers to those likely questions. Can comments on clothing really be considered sexual harassment? If someone at work has been commenting on your clothing in a sexual way, you may hesitate to file a case figuring that the court will see this as the perpetrator just trying to pay you a compliment.

The New Tech Bans With China: What You Need To Know About The Huawei Situation

As the trade war with China heats up, the federal government has taken some rather significant measures in recent days that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on any company that relies on global technology supply chains. Here are the facts you need to know. What Just Happened In The Technology Sector? Essentially, the United States recently issued an export control rule that added Huawei Technologies Co. and a number of its affiliated companies to the “

Recently Remarried? Do You Need A Living Trust?

If you’ve recently remarried, estate planning isn’t likely to be at the forefront of your mind. However, life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, and the last thing you want is for your children to be inadvertently disinherited if something should happen to you before you and your new spouse have had joint wills drafted. Read on to learn more about some situations in which you may want to establish a living trust to protect assets for your spouse and children, as well as when a traditional will may do.

How To Handle Your Father's Business After He Dies

If your father, who owned and operated a successful small business in town, passed away unexpectedly, and you and your siblings are having trouble determining what to do with this business, you could benefit by seeking the services of a business attorney. Business attorneys offer mediation services relating to family business succession planning, and here are three things the attorney will help you with. Finding out if your father had a plan in place

Will Contests: When You've Been Left Out Of A Will Of A Loved One

When you’ve been left out of a will of a loved one, it can hurt. If you had a close relationship or if you were promised money in the event of their death, you may be surprised to learn that you were left out of a will. While you may be upset, you will have to meet certain criteria to even file a will contest. You must be deemed an interested person, and you must have a legal reason why you want to contest the will.

Should You Sue Your Contractor?

When things do not go well during a residential or business construction project, the emotional and financial strain can truly be overwhelming. If your disputes with the builder or subcontractor cannot be resolved amicably, you may need the help of an attorney. Communication You should have an iron-clad contract before you begin any construction project. If you feel the contractor is not fulfilling this contract, you should first discuss, in detail, your dissatisfaction.

Legal Resources That Your Small Business Needs To Be Successful

As your small business grows, you will become involved in a number of opportunities which can put your company at risk. If you’re not familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding those activities, you could face penalties, lose business, and even risk losing the company. Here are some of the areas in which you need to start considering the use of legal counsel to make sure that you and your business are not vulnerable.